When people hear I plan weddings for a living, and then find out I got married recently, they always make the comment, "I bet your own wedding was off-the-chart amazing!"  They're right, it was...but not in the way most would expect.

Kirk and I are kind of polar opposites when it comes to formality;  I prefer Oscar-worthy gowns and propriety, while he is content in a pair of Vans and a ball cap.  This presented us with a chance to work together and our 'shindig' was born!

He agreed to a degree of formal wear for the ceremony and photos, and I relented to a more relaxed structure to the day...it was off-the-charts amazing in our book!  The best of both worlds, with a whole lot of fun thrown in!

Our guest list was small, but the love was overflowing as everyone made their way back to our home for an intimate backyard BBQ complete with tri tip, ribs, and all the trimmings!  I must admit, the 4th of July heat wasn't too bad after we both changed into casual wear and allowed the cool grass to tickle our toes as we sipped on ice-cold beer, white wine, and various cocktails throughout the night!  Great friends and lighthearted conversation, mixed with a little compromise, made for an unforgettable night for all!
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