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Motivation Mondays: If Not You, Then Who?

by Linda Enders on 01/25/16

I woke up this morning with rocks on my brain...strange, I know.  Not sure where this all came from, but the more I tried to forget it, the more vivid the image.

After three cups of coffee and a growing to-do list, the vision of rocks needed definition.  I needed to know what this meant in the grand scheme of my somewhat sheltered and quiet life.  So I pulled out my bible...

This is the verse I found:

God proclaims that if no one will sing praises to Him, then the rocks will!  Even the rocks and flowers know and proclaim the glory of God!  That hit me like a ton of bricks...right in the gut.

I have allowed myself to become comfortable; not in the sense of luxury, but in the sense of keeping my joy and gratitude to myself.  I have resolved to be quiet in my appreciation...and I know that is not what God wants.

God has changed my life so dramatically!  And those who know me know that's nothing small!  So, in this moment, I will praise Him.  I will praise His work in my life.  I will praise every heartache I endured during my rebirth.  I will shout with zeal that I am blessed by Him choosing me.  I will exclaim with every ounce of passion I contain, that I am His!  Because if I don't--someone who is filled with the Spirit of Christ--then the rocks shall proclaim His glory...

So, I challenge each of you to proclaim Who you belong to.  Praise Him in every circumstance.  

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