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"I'd love something kind of vintage, but not old.  Oh, and I want it outside, if possible."  You got it!  "1930's Garden Party, it is!"  And that's how this beautiful wedding was born.

The majority of the inspiration for Tasha & Robbie's event came from the beautifully beaded lace of her custom-designed wedding gown.  Her bridesmaids dresses followed suit with soft lacy tops punctuated with full powder blue skirts.  Her jewelry and that of her bridesmaids was designed with a delicate feel that resembled a family heirloom piece.

It was important to both Tasha and Robbie that all their guests were comfortable, had plenty of room to roam, and an endless supply of food to satisfy their taste buds...along with enough cake and pastries to soothe every sweet tooth.. Done!

The small jazz band added smooth background music, creating the perfect ambiance to mingle, chat and dance the night away.